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Mystery Road

Detective Jay Swan is assigned to investigate a mysterious disappearance on an outback cattle station. Soon, Jay's investigation uncovers a past injustice that threatens the fabric of the whole community.

Genre: Drama , Mystery

Country: Australia

Duration: 57 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2018

IMDb: 7.6

Season 1 - Mystery Road
"Detective Jay Swan clashes with local cop Emma James when he arrives to investigate the mysterious disappearance of two young men from an outback cattle station."
"Two unannounced visitors in town cause chaos for Jay and Emma as they try to uncover what happened to the two missing young men."
"As time runs out to find the missing boys, pressure mounts on Shevorne to reveal what she knows."
"Marley's safe return has brought relief and elation to the town and his family \u2013 but where is Reese? And what is Marley hiding?"
"Reese's murder sends Jay on a desperate journey to clear Marley's name before it's too late, which leads Emma to uncover a far greater crime."
"In a race against time, Jay and Emma have to prove who really murdered Reese... or Marley will be gaoled for the crime."