The Sheriffs Are Coming

High Court Enforcement Officers, who have been known as Sheriffs since Saxon times, have higher powers than bailiffs and can force people who refuse to pay judgements to do so, or seize goods of equivalent value for a £60 fee.

Genre: Documentary

Country: UK

Duration: 45 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2012

IMDb: 6.7

Season 1 - The Sheriffs Are Coming
"A 26-year old office worker won her sexual harassment case but her ex-boss never gave her the money she was awarded. Can the sheriffs put that right?\n\nThey try to track down the manager of a construction company which owes a former employee \u00a38,000.\n\nAnd they pay a visit to a car dealership that sold a doctor a car which was a disaster from day one. The dealers refused to fix it or give him his money back so the sheriffs have had to step in and, when things get heated, the police race to the scene."
"The sheriffs go into battle on behalf of an 80-year-old pensioner who is owed over a thousand pounds by the owners of an auction house.\n\nThey confront a plumber who charged a customer \u00a32,000 for a bathroom fitting he never even wanted.\n\nAnd a 65-year-old pensioner won a personal injury claim after a fall left him in agony. He was awarded \u00a34,000 but never got his cash - can a sheriff put that right?"
"A builder asked an 86-year-old pensioner to fork out \u00a34,000 for some work on her roof. And he left it in a worse state than when he started. The sheriffs pay the builder an early morning visit to try to get her money back - but things get rather heated.\n\nThe sheriffs try to track down a landlord who did not pay his student tenants their deposits when they left. But he proves hard to find. And an office manager was unfairly dismissed. She was awarded compensation, but her ex-bosses did not pay up. Can the sheriffs help?"
"A Bournemouth man bought a beach buggy to enjoy with his son - but he found out it was a stolen vehicle. When the sheriffs go to get his money back from the man who sold it to him, things turn nasty.\n\nThe sheriffs brave a torrential rainstorm as they visit a pub on behalf of a former employee who had been unfairly dismissed. And a customer wants his money back from an art gallery which did not give him the print he paid for. But, before the sheriffs can get his cash, they need to get in."
"A company made an employee redundant after he wanted to return to work following a kidney transplant. He won an employment tribunal - but his former boss hasn't paid a penny. Can the sheriffs put that right? Barclays might be worth \u00a331.4 billion in revenue, but no company is too big for the sheriffs to tackle on behalf of an unhappy customer. Also, the sheriffs go to the home of the former boss of an office manager who won her compensation claim for unfair dismissal but never got her cash. They want to take his car to pay the debt - but he's got different ideas."
"This episode features a plumber who paid for and fitted a full central heating system for a building company, but didn't get paid a penny. Can the sheriffs get him the cash he is owed? Plus a sheriff revisits a road services company that owes a former employee thousands. And when a member of the public sold valuable items through a local auctioneers, she expected a hefty cheque, but that didn't happen - so the sheriffs go in search of the cash she is owed."
"In this episode, the sheriffs go after a wedding photographer who refused to give a disappointed bride her money back. Meanwhile, a cleaner won an employment tribunal after being unfairly dismissed, but still hasn't been given any of the money he was awarded. When it comes to getting his money, can the sheriffs clean up? And a member of the public whose husband is away fighting in Afghanistan, had to find and buy a new family car on her own. But she was sold a faulty Ford and the company she bought it from wouldn't refund her. Can the sheriffs help?"
"This episode features a former office manager who was sacked by text. She won a tribunal but never got the compensation. Can the sheriffs put that right? Meanwhile, a member of the public had always dreamed of buying a boat - but when he finally got one he says it was a nautical nightmare. He took the company which sold him the faulty vessel to court and got an out of court settlement - but still hasn't got his money. The sheriffs try to pay them a visit. And a garage sold a car for a customer but didn't give him the cash they got for it. The sheriffs go to the garage to get the customer what he's owed - but they get a frosty reception."
"This episode features a Lewisham resident whose employers were supposed to deduct money from her wages to go towards paying her rent. The money was deducted, but they didn't pass it all on to her landlord - so the employee and her family were threatened with eviction. The sheriffs pay her former employers a visit - will they get her cash? The sheriffs also go to the home of a businessman who failed to pay an employee her wages. They are told he has moved out - but is it the truth? And the Sheriffs revisit a garage which sold a customer's car but didn't give him the money. They remove property to settle the debt, but a piece of equipment worth \u00a320,000 is missing."
"The sheriffs try to help a pharmacist who didn't get paid for twelve weeks' work. They also get given the cold shoulder when they chase up a debt in Derbyshire, and are back on the trail of the builder who received \u00a34,000 from an 86-year-old for unsatisfactory work on her roof."
Season 3 - The Sheriffs Are Coming
"When a tattoo removal at a beauty salon left a woman scarred for life, she won an injury claim but was never paid. Enforcement officer Pete Spencer confronts the salon owner.\n\nWhen repairs to a dream car went wrong, it cost one man a fortune; sheriffs Lawrence and Kev pay the garage a visit. And a roofer whose poor work left a woman badly out of pocket is met by the sheriffs in unusual circumstances."
"A fitness instructor was plunged into debt when the company he worked for didn't pay him for months. Can sheriff Lawrence Grix get him what he is owed?\n\nThings become difficult when the sheriffs visit a tissue factory; will they be soft or strong as they battle to recover an unpaid debt?\n\nAnd sheriffs Lawrence and Kev visit a man with many identities."
"The sheriffs are evicting squatters from a barricaded building. But with tensions rising, can the eviction be completed peacefully?\n\nA customer's car broke down just a few days after she bought it, and the garage refused to refund her money. Can sheriffs Lawrence and Kev get her what she's owed?\n\nAnd sheriffs Darryl and Mark are in pursuit of an old adversary with a huge debt. But where is the elusive debtor?"
"A couple whose wedding video was not what they expected went to court to get their money back, but still haven't been paid, and a ski instructor who didn't receive his wages is still out of pocket. Sheriffs Lawrence and Ken go in search of the business owners.\n\nEnforcement officers Craig and Tom find themselves on an unusual assignment."
"Sheriffs Darryl and Craig meet the former boss of a pregnant beauty therapist who was unfairly dismissed. Can they get the \u00a326,000 she is owed?\n\nSheriffs Lawrence and Kev attempt to remove an illegally moored boat. When the owner resists, the police get involved.\n\nAnd when sheriff Pete Spencer visits a Yorkshire garage, the owner is not happy."
"In east London, a building owned by a charity has been occupied by squatters. Can the sheriffs get the squatters out, and return the building to its owners?\n\nAn animator who created some much-loved children's TV characters was shocked when someone used his designs without permission. Will the sheriffs get him the money he is owed?\n\nAnd Lawrence and Kev attempt to get a disgruntled motorist his money back from a garage that sold a faulty car."
Season 6 - The Sheriffs Are Coming
"A property developer's lost out after a squatters took over his building. But the Sheriffs get more than they've bargained for when they try to evict them."
"When the Sheriffs Are sent to a dealer who sold a potentially lethal second hand car, things turn nasty. Sheriff Lawrence discovers his claimant's not the only one owed money by a building company with problems, so he has to act fast."
"The sheriffs confront a man who hasn't pay the rent he owes to a single mum. The job gets tricky as he refuses to believe that Tommy and Craig can take his car."
"The sheriffs take on a a group of squatters in the heart of central London and are forced to physically remove some of them who are refusing to pack up. Lawrence and Kev turn detective as they try to recover money from a garage."
"Tommy and Craig attempt to recover more than \u00a310,000 owed to come couple who bought a boat that turned out to be a wreck. When a debtor simply walks away from them, Lawrence and Kev track down the man's assets."
"A car went in for repair but the customer hasn't seen it since, and he's now owed thousands of pounds. Will the Sheriffs be able to get it? Plus, sheriff Lawrence puts the squeeze on a finance company which hasn't paid its rent."
"At an eviction of a group of squatters, sheriff Lawrence makes a suspicious discovery. Plus, a steel company owes money to a former employee, so sheriffs Tommy and Craig go looking for the boss."
"Lawrence and Kev visit a garage after a customer discovered the car he had bought from them had been in a crash. When the dealer responsible says he can't pay, Lawrence has other ideas."
"Lawrence and Kev seize equipment from a sports car specialist on behalf of a customer whose car was left dripping oil after a botched repair. Also, Tommy and Craig have a tricky assignment trying to recover money at a residential address."
"Lawrence confronts a company which fitted a wood-burning stove that was dangerous, while Tommy visits a football club which hasn't paid for work on its pitch. Also, a car dealer owes \u00a312,000 after failing to refund a customer."
Season 7 - The Sheriffs Are Coming
"A woman was unfairly dismissed from her job. Can Rob and Gerald get her money she's owed? Also, the fate of a \u00a312,000 Range Rover hangs in the balance when the Sheriffs call a tow truck to a car dealership refusing to pay the debt it owes."
"Three women who worked for a skin care company were thousands of pounds out of pocket when thay lost their jobs. Rob and Gerald visit the company's head office and confront the boss on behalf of the three ex-employees."
"Mike and Billy confront a farmer who hasn't paid a local electrician who supplied special lighting equipment for his pheasant pens. Also, Lawrence visits the offices of one of Spain's biggest airlines, in pursuit of compensation owed to a family."
"A man who sold his precious collection of antiques ended up out of pocket, and Jess and Billy are determined to get him the money he's owed. Also, a dispute over rent leads to Tommy and Mike planning to remove a very special Mercedes sports car."
"High Court enforcement officers Rob and Gerald confront a builder who was paid \u00a37,000 to fit a bathroom, but did not do the job and would not return the cash."
"Mike and Billy take action when a grandmother is worried that her garden wall is about to collapse and calls in a local builder who takes her cash but then fails to do the work and an NHS care worker buys a faulty second hand car advertised on eBay."
"Tommy pursues a multi-million-pound debt and visits an art gallery with plans to seize a rare collection of Russian artwork. Meanwhile, a mother-of-two moves out of the house she has been renting but then does not get her deposit back."